Impossible List: In Ragtime

I first came upon the idea of an ‘Impossible List’ through Thomas Frank‘s website ‘College Info Geek’ (CIG, coincidentally, also inspired me to create my own website). The concept of the Impossible List is explained well by Joel Runyon, the creator of the first Impossible List.

I love the idea of an ‘Impossible List’ because I’m not a naturally adventurous person, so traditional ‘bucket list’ goals such as ‘go skydiving’ or ‘visit the moon’ don’t particularly appeal to me. Not because I would be scared to do those things, but simply because they do not interest me. What’s different about an ‘Impossible List’ is that it’s acceptable (nay, encouraged) to include goals that have some sort of bearing on your everyday life – including personal development and fitness goals. Since I’m a massive procrastinator, an Impossible List gives my to-do lists some direction, and, as Joel Runyon said in the comments section of his Impossible List, “If I’m ever bored I can just take a look at my list and say “what about that one?”.”

Last 5 completed goals:

  • create my own website
  • memorise Sonnet 18

Fitness goals:

  • do a pull-up
  • run 5K

Skill goals:

  • get my driver’s license
  • achieve some sort of certificate in Excel proficiency
  • do some kind of politics course
  • get a Khan Academy badge
  • get a Code Academy badge
  • Duolingo Spanish
  • learn Tamil
  • complete a Crash Course

Life goals:

  • create my own website 09/08/18 – guess what my first post was!
  • get a proper job
  • move out of my parents’ house
  • get a cat
  • create a serious personal website for myself
  • create a website for another person/business
  • start an Etsy shop
  • adopt a child

Travel Goals:

  • Go to France in the style of Mr Bean in Mr Bean’s Holiday (yes, brown suit, red tie, briefcase, handheld videocamera, and plenty of spontaneity!)
  • do a cycle tour in England
  • do a cycle tour in another country
  • do a gig in the Open Bookstore in Wigtown, Scotland
  • do a Sea Shepherd mission
  • do a Call Me By Your Name tour of Italy
  • do a Carol-style roadtrip

Book goals:

Poetry memorisation:

  • Sonnet 18, Shakespeare
  • Howl, Allen Ginsberg

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